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Teens face a lot of hurdles when it comes to their physical and mental well-being. The compassionate team at Great Destinations Pediatrics in Peoria, Arizona, are experts in adolescent care. They can help guide your teen through these difficult years. Get your child the support they need when it comes to their general health, puberty, menstruation, social connections, and emotional ups and downs. Call today to schedule a teen wellness visit or use the online tool to book.

Teen Wellness Q & A

What is involved in teen wellness?

Teenagers go through enormous changes that affect the way their body looks and feels. They’re becoming more independent, making more of their own choices about what to eat, when to sleep, and how to work and play.

Teen wellness offered at Great Destinations Pediatrics helps your teen navigate these adolescent years. Good habits set now allows them to enjoy their young years. These habits also can help prevent some of the diseases that begin later in life, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems.

Teen wellness includes many aspects of life and environment, some of which may be unexpected:

Spirituality and faith

Having a supportive congregation or spiritual practice gives your teenager a supportive environment to learn and grow in.

Social support from family and friends

All people, but especially teens, need friendship, family, and a sense of belonging to thrive. Critical to this is human touch — a hug or a pat on the shoulder — which can lower blood pressure, decrease pain, and elevate mood.

Family Meals

Studies show that families who share regular family meals are happier and healthier. They have a lower teen pregnancy rate, are at lower risk of drug and alcohol abuse, and do better in school.


A good night’s sleep helps the body grow, restore itself, and heal. Quality sleep gives the body the strength to fight off illness and infection. Teens need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night.


An hour a day of exercise that they enjoy not only helps their body stay strong and at a healthy weight but studies show that exercise is critical in maintaining good mental health. Exercise can improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety and help children and adults with ADHD focus better.


Spending time in nature helps a person calm down mentally, improve their vitamin D level, and raise their self-esteem and overall well-being.


A healthy diet supports a healthy weight, high energy levels, excellent health, and mental well-being. Talk to your Great Destinations Pediatrics providers about what is included in a balanced diet and how to divert your kids from eating fast food.


Your teen should drink lots of water. Adequate hydration promotes healthy tissues and high energy.


Always wear a seat belt in vehicles and use a helmet and other safety equipment when riding a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard.

Dental health

Keeping your teen’s teeth and gums healthy is vital to their general health. See a dentist every six months for check-ups and cleanings.

What interferes with teen wellness?

A teen can develop habits that work against their wellness. At Great Destinations Pediatrics, the team guides teens away from habits like eating processed foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, and using drugs. They also support smart guidelines for screen time and offer support in cases of bullying.

How are teen athletes supported?

Teen athletes aren’t just those on competitive teams. Anyone who regularly participates in physical activity is an athlete and should take care of themselves. Female teen athletes, in particular, should stay on top of their nutrition to avoid stress fractures, menstrual issues, and poor bone health.

The providers at Great Destinations Pediatrics can help you and your teen understand the basics of good nutrition and sports nutrition so they promote a healthy body and their best performance.

For your teen’s wellness needs, call Great Destinations Pediatrics today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment.

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